How the Welfare State Neutered Revolution in Europe

Faced with the establishment of workers’ democracy across the globe, alongside growing socialist movements in their own countries, the West took drastic measures. It redistributed a tiny portion of its super-profits, amassed through bloody imperialist exploitation, to smother the class interests of the Western working class with moderate material concessions.

The Nordic Model – Concessions From Capitalists

It exists almost as if to affirm that capitalism is the only viable option, and feeds into the western idea of restricting socialism to its most minimal form. Furthermore, the Nordic welfare model cannot be presented as an alternative to both socialism and capitalism, it works mainly as a form of appeasement, keeping the working class quiet while still supporting free market capitalism.

If Coronavirus Was to Wipe Us Out, We’d Probably Never See It Coming

Complex subjects, particularly those of a scientific or political nature, are most commonly sensationalised. So much so that we end up with a Media Who Cried Wolf situation. When every trending disease around winter time is looking to wipe out humanity, one that actually could, would be impossible to ever believe.