Leo’s Gambit: The Myth of the “Welfare Nation”

The bogeyman of the welfare cheat is used to accentuate divisions among the working class and create a scapegoat which redirects anger away from the capitalist class. This myth is perpetuated by the capitalist class and their mouthpieces in the media and in government, through over the top articles, wasteful government campaigns and anti-working-class rhetoric.

Why Ireland Needs Public Housing

In the past, young people were able to receive a home from the local authority which led to localized construction projects. Most people in Ireland lived in homes built by their local corporation or council, the same model existed in the United Kingdom where local authorities constructed mass local housing. Seems simple, right? Today the … Read more

The Importance of The Limerick Soviet Today

‘On Monday, April 14th, there began in limerick city a strike protest against military tyranny, which because of its dramatic suddenness, its completeness, and the proof it offered that workers’ control signifies perfect order – excited worldwide attention.’ – Irish Labour Party and Trade Union Congress, 1919 The Limerick Soviet was self-declared one hundred years … Read more

Jobpath — A Bridge by Another Name

“Any refusal or failure, without good cause, to attend this information session or to subsequently participate in Jobpath may result in your Jobseeker payment being reduced”. These are the threatening words that over 100,000 young Irish people have read, myself included. This statement is intended to frighten the recipient into a state of paralysis. Already … Read more