Elections vs Direct Action

  Disillusionment with electoral politics is at an all time high. Voter turnout in Ireland and across the OECD has been steadily declining for the past 50 years – for understandable reasons. Whether you vote for Fianna Gael, Fianna Fáil, Labour or Sinn Féin the result is the same; a committee of landlords, millionaires and … Read moreElections vs Direct Action

Electioneering for the Apathetic

For their rejection and/or indifference to the repetitive whingeing of career politicians, the youth of Ireland is often subjected to the most unforgiving of criticisms by their various political representatives. While they standing for little else other than re-election, they call the masses time and time again for yet another victory in yet another popularity … Read moreElectioneering for the Apathetic

The Failure of Environmentalist Politics

Capitalists will not act in the interests of all of humanity because it would mean acting against profit. Capitalists cannot act on the benefit of the earth because it means they would lose profit, and could potentially lose power to other capitalists. In order to maintain power, Capitalists will always put the interest of the company first.

Sinn Féin’s Soft Touch

There appears to be a common theme among ‘leftwing’ parties who enter into mainstream politics; a soft approach which tends to leave its grass roots members disillusioned as the party will continue to pander to an entirely different demographic than the ones it once represented. Blatant ignorance or maybe the refusal to accept a bad … Read moreSinn Féin’s Soft Touch

What Connolly Teaches Us About Elections

The recent results of the local and European elections were a brief insight into how each political party is performing, what is the level of engagement of the working class with the electoral process and which messages are resonating from which political parties. The main conclusions to draw before dissecting the rest are as follows: … Read moreWhat Connolly Teaches Us About Elections