The Spoiled Ballot

‘Spoiling a ballot’ is the act of defacing one’s electoral ballot so as to invalidate it, meaning that the vote is not counted. This proposes the question, why would someone spoil their ballot? Is it ever the correct action to take? The north of Ireland’s European elections had a turnout of 45.41%, and in the … Read more

Why the ‘Left’ Missed the Mark in the 2019 Elections

Left wing parties have essentially fallen down the trap of trying to compete in a field that is orientated around ensuring the hegemony of the large traditional parties. To compete against Fianna Fail, Fine Gael and the Labour Party at a game that they have excelled at for almost a century is a waste of time but also serves to undermine ones own political organisation and struggle for socialism.

10 Arguments Against Running in Capitalist ‘Democracies’ – Building Revolution

There is no greater lie being spread by the multitude of parties purporting themselves to be left-wing than that a vote for them is a vote for Socialism. Their demands are mostly moderate and often outright merely demands for reform. The amount of resources and human labour they are putting into electoral campaigns is astonishing … Read more