Appeal to the Irish Diaspora – Support Palestine!

Appeal to the Irish Diaspora – Support Palestine! To the Irish diaspora of the world and the international friends of the Irish freedom struggle. The Connolly Youth Movement appeals to the youth of the Irish Diaspora, to our young workers and students, to our recent emigrants and to those descended from the famine ships. We … Read more

What a Capitalist Pill Cannot Fix

We were raised on false promises of white sands and opportunity, leaving us with only ourselves to blame for our failures. Last year in the 26 counties, every day that passed, another person lost the battle with their supposed failures and ended their life. The cultural hegemony that guarantees peace, in exchange for our labour, turns our mind into a warzone when our own realities come to light.

Venezuela – A Very Irish Coup

When it comes to Venezuela, it can often seem a distant issue to many working Irish people, even to those of more republican persuasions, but actually what we’re seeing around the world is what we’re seeing today at home. From foreign nations undermining our democracy, organisations meddling in our island’s funds or resources, to media … Read more

10 Arguments Against Running in Capitalist ‘Democracies’ – Building Revolution

There is no greater lie being spread by the multitude of parties purporting themselves to be left-wing than that a vote for them is a vote for Socialism. Their demands are mostly moderate and often outright merely demands for reform. The amount of resources and human labour they are putting into electoral campaigns is astonishing … Read more