The West betrayed the Denazification of Germany

As the dust settled on Europe following the end of the second world war, the question remained as to what to do with last belligerent to surrender: Germany. With the liberation of Berlin on 2 May, 1945 by the Red Army, and the unconditional surrender of Nazi Germany on 8 May, Allied victory in Europe … Read more

Finland joins NATO, further expanding imperialist bloc

Finland has joined the imperialist bloc NATO. The news came at the end of March, as Turkey voted to ratify Finland’s accession to NATO. Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, the Turkish president, initially blocked Finland’s accession to NATO, citing concerns relating to support for supposed terrorist organisations and issues regarding trade relations. The groups in question include … Read more

Venezuela – A Very Irish Coup

When it comes to Venezuela, it can often seem a distant issue to many working Irish people, even to those of more republican persuasions, but actually what we’re seeing around the world is what we’re seeing today at home. From foreign nations undermining our democracy, organisations meddling in our island’s funds or resources, to media … Read more

Announcement of 21 Communist Youth Organisations that participated in the 14th Meeting of the European Communist Youth Organisations in Athens

Youth of Europe rise up Join us in the struggle for our contemporary needs in education, work and in life! Young men and women, We, 21 Communist Youth Organizations that participated in the 14th Meeting of European Communist Youth Organisations in Athens, on the 23rd and 24th September of 2018, address you in an appeal … Read more