Response to the article on Republican Youth titled ‘Sinn Féin: The One True Working Class Option for Ireland’

  The opening salvo of the assertion in the title is that this article is a series of ‘fundamental principles for democratic socialism’. The author, throughout the article interchanges the term ‘socialism’ with ‘democratic socialism’.  The author does not go on to explain what democratic socialism is, but uses the principles below to explain the … Read more

Supermac’s – The Myth of Capitalist Innovation

Part of their strategy is to donate some of their super profits to charity or to sporting organisations such as the GAA. They do this for local and political clout, to be seen as ‘benevolent capitalists’ and obscure the fundamental social relation of production: workers create all of the wealth and have to sell their labour power (time) to employers to get by, while Pat McDonagh lives opulently, holidays and expands his capital in every direction using the wealth he has stolen from his workers.

Capitalist Climate Crisis – Forward #29

Billions from Koch Brothers & ExxonMobil – Corporations behind climate change denial. 
The racist history of the ‘over-population’ myth; One Child Policy, Racial Hygiene, David Attenborough, & Marvel’s Thanos.
Europe is the Final Nail for Irish Farmers: ‘Capitalists in South America will only have more reason to rape the Amazon to increase their output’.
Dialectics of Climate Science – Liberalism vs Marxism

Elections vs Direct Action

  Disillusionment with electoral politics is at an all time high. Voter turnout in Ireland and across the OECD has been steadily declining for the past 50 years – for understandable reasons. Whether you vote for Fianna Gael, Fianna Fáil, Labour or Sinn Féin the result is the same; a committee of landlords, millionaires and … Read more

Workers of low pay, Arise!

We must AGITATE, so that workers become angry and aware of their conditions as human beings in a capitalist society. We must EDUCATE, so workers understand the nature of the social relations that exist and how they function. We must ORGANISE, so that we may overcome the systemic inequity bestowed upon the world by the … Read more

A milkshake to the face

In times of economic uncertainty, it is easy to lay blame at the foot of the asylum seeker, the migrant or a member of a vulnerable community and proclaim loudly that IF IT WERE NOT FOR THEM things would be better. But would they?   If we examine Irish history and take a look at … Read more

Look after our own?

LOOK AFTER OUR OWN The cry goes up on social media all the time, it’s like a growl, emanating from an angry child. LOOK AFTER OUR OWN! The island, our island, is bled dry by tax evading multinational corporations. Her soul weeps for the lost children that take their lives or leave our shores. Dignity … Read more