The Imperialist Interest In Syria


As tensions flare up between Moscow and Washington over the imperial intervention in Syria, we must first break down and analyse what has transpired so far regarding the Syria situation, we then must look at past occurrences of western intervention in the Middle East and begin to understand the underlying pattern of imperialism within these … Read moreThe Imperialist Interest In Syria

Analysis: Afrin, Turkey and the YPG

In January, the Turkish military launched an offensive; “Operation Olive Branch” against the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) which consists of mainly Kurdish militias, led by the YPG and YPJ, their women’s division. This was launched in the Afrin district and Tell-Rifaat sub-district, both controlled by the SDF. Turkey claims this imperialist manoeuvre is a means … Read moreAnalysis: Afrin, Turkey and the YPG