Capitalist Climate Crisis – Forward #29

The climate crisis is a political issue, which requires a political solution. You can change your entire lifestyle but for big change, the change we need to save our planet, we need governments to take responsibility – yet what have they done? They are sitting on their hands, while their wealthy friends line their pockets with the rewards of ecological devastation.

It is socialism or extinction. It is socialism or death. ?

Billions from Koch Brothers & ExxonMobil – Corporations behind climate change denial. 
The racist history of the ‘over-population’ myth; One Child Policy, Racial Hygiene, David Attenborough, & Marvel’s Thanos.
Europe is the Final Nail for Irish Farmers: ‘Capitalists in South America will only have more reason to rape the Amazon to increase their output’.
Dialectics of Climate Science – Liberalism vs Marxism
“Let us not flatter ourselves overmuch on account of our human victories over nature. For each such victory nature takes its revenge on us.”
Friedrich Engels, 1876 Connolly Youth Movement, Nov 2019

Capitalist Climate Crisis – new #ForwardIre out now on issuu or download from the link below:

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