CYM Statement on Disaffiliation

PUBLIC STATEMENT CYM Ard Comhairle, 18/01/21 On the 9th of January, 2021 the Connolly Youth Movement convened an Extraordinary Ard Fheis (EOAF) to determine the nature of our relationship to the Communist Party of Ireland. This EOAF was called as a result of a series of political discussions that had occurred within the CYM in … Read more

Why James Connolly was Executed

The crisis of 2020 can be a rupture in the status-quo of capitalism as much as the First World War and the 1916 Rising was. We must look at his contributions to applying Marxism to the Irish context, and his unique ability to recognise the political moment he was living in. For Connolly, Marxism was not an abstract theoretical position to be talked about in universities, nor a dogma to be appealed to as an authority. Marxism was simply a key to be used to unlock Irish History.

Sexual Abuse in Your Party – An open letter to Mick Barry, Richard Boyd Barrett, Gino Kenny, Paul Murphy & Bríd Smith

We urge any of your members reading this to come forward. We will believe them, just as many other comrades in the Irish left will. The majority of socialists in this country completely reject misogyny, predatory behaviour and the cynicism coming from senior members that punish and demean members for standing up against abuse.