Connolly Youth Movement Speech at the 44th Festival Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the KNE

The delegates of the Connolly Youth Movement stand proudly beside the youth of the international communist movement today in celebrating the 200th birthday of Karl Marx, the founder of our cause, who bequeathed us a will for change that has electrified the thoughts and homes of millions, elevated nations from poverty and replaced misery with … Read more

Caracas Declaration

We, men and women, citizens from different countries, social movements and organizations, political parties, women, youth, workers, creators and intellectuals, peasants and religious people, gathered in the city of Caracas on March 5, 6 and 7, 2018, reaffirm our solidarity and activist support to the Venezuelan people, to the Bolivarian Revolution and its people’s government, … Read more

A Brief History of the Irish Labour Party

The Labour party has attempted an extensive rebranding since its utter devastation in the 2016 election. It occupies the perverse position of decrying the homelessness it facilitated and simultaneously calling for a public health system which it made no attempt to implement while in government, leaving us with thousands of austerity related deaths per annum. … Read more