103 Years Since the October Revolution

John Reed, author of ‘Ten Days That Shook the World’ described the Revolution as such:
“I suddenly realised that the devout Russian people no longer needed priests to pray them into heaven. On earth they were building a kingdom more bright than any heaven had to offer, and for which it was a glory to die….”
This gives but a glimpse, into the cataclysmic events that took place and that would follow the birth of the young Soviet Republic.
To many in the West, the October Revolution is described in a few bland buzzwords in our history books. “Stalinism” – “Dictatorship” – “Authoritarian”. The latter two are not inaccurate.
The October Revolution was dictatorial to the people who exploited the masses, and it suppressed them by organising the small farmers, peasants and industrial workers together.
The October Revolution was authoritarian, to the rich merchants, the nobility, the financiers and the big farmers. It divided their wealth and used it to rebuild a new society — one where the wealth that was produced would benefit the people.
Within the space of a few decades, the USSR had went from a backward feudal society, to a highly advanced and modern society, surpassing it’s Western counterparts. In the fields of science, education, health, literature, sport and more, the USSR exploded in every direction, routinely making much ‘wealthier’ Western countries look worse off.
To us in the Connolly Youth Movement, the October Revolution is one of the greatest events of the 20th century that shows us that even in the most difficult of circumstances and harshest of times — the working people can, and will prevail.
Alex Homits
General Secretary
Connolly Youth Movement

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