WOONOPSTAND: A Firsthand Account of Police Violence

he Connolly Youth Movement was represented on October 17th 2021 at the WOONOPSTAND (Housing Uprising) in Rotterdam, in arms with the Communist Youth Movement of the Netherlands (CJB). Over 8,000 people were present in a peaceful protest and march through Rotterdam, to highlight and challenge the crisis which has left hundreds of students in Dutch cities living in large emergency tents.

McMindfulness: The New Opium of the People

The HSE spent over 180,000 euro on mindfulness and 89,000 on yoga sessions over a three year period. Mindfulness is being vaunted as a solve-all intervention for a host of social problems, fits in closely with the individualised logic of capitalism, and diverts attention and resources from real changes that could improve people’s lives and challenge the economic system that governs over daily attacks on people’s mental health and wellbeing.

What Makes a Free Press?

The concept of a free press has always been pushed in capitalist society. Journalists and newspapers, we’re told, act as a force of neutral arbitrators, who bring the truth to the people and offer honest analysis of current affairs. This simplistic definition, however, hides the true nature of the so-called “free” press and, in the name of free speech, affords them freedom from criticism.

Uyghurs and China: The Facts

The claims surrounding China’s treatment of Uyghur Muslims have been circulating since early 2018. The claim of human rights abuses in Xinjiang are upheld by Australia, Bahrain, France, New Zealand, many of them NATO members. This article is a reference for those looking for to expand their reading and challenge misinformation on the topic.

A Personal Experience of Getting Fitter

When I was younger, my dad tried to bring me to various sport clubs to peak my interest. Karate, Tae Kwon Do, Boxing. I tried them all and didn’t get anywhere serious until 2018. For me personally it had many positive effects and has overall improved my life over-all. Physical fitness is not simply an individual matter – it helps you improve your habits, and through this, have more energy and resolve to help your comrades and the collective.