The Abraham Accords: Imperialist Deception

The Abraham Agreement is a false idol, it has betrayed the Palestinian people who are fighting the diabolical systemic destruction of their nationhood and its words are hypocritical. It is written with the same hands that are drenched in the blood of Palestinians who have been slaughtered in imperial conquest. The agreement only serves to consolidate the imperialist economies in the region and to provide a more advantageous position for further colonisation.  

The US Fuels the Extremism it Condemns

The current narrative of the dominant imperial powers seeks to pit “Western values” against Islamic extremism in a cultural struggle of civilisations – the geopolitical factors driving imperialist intervention in the Middle East and the backlash run much deeper and according to the lines of material self-interest. of the capitalist class .

International Communist Youth Movements Call For Action For Palestine

Joint Call of Communist Youth Organizations for the Day of common Action and of Solidarity towards the Palestinian People We denounce to the young people, to the peoples of the entire world, the ongoing crime of US-NATO-Israel against the Palestinian people. The US decision to declare Jerusalem as “the capital of Israel” and to relocate … Read more