Why Teenagers Died Fighting Fascism in Spain

During the Spanish civil war (1936-1939), nearly 60,000 men and women of 53 different countries, grouped in the International Brigades, came to Spain in order to help the republican government. Never before in history had such an extraordinary, internationalist and solidarity cause existed. Young people traveled abroad, willing to give their lives to the Spanish … Read more

After Queer Theory

James Penney’s After Queer Theory is a much-needed polemic in the ongoing debate around sexual politics, a debate which both encapsulates and the defines the ‘culture wars’. Language on the interface between the political and the sexual is constantly evolving and finding new conflicts that extend over the lines of both public discourse and private … Read more

Wage, Labour and Capital

‘But the putting of labour-power into action – i.e., the work – is the active expression of the labourer’s own life. And this life activity he sells to another person in order to secure the necessary means of life. His life-activity, therefore, is but a means of securing his own existence. He works that he … Read more