An Argument for Socialist-Republicanism

“In Ireland, one cannot have socialism without republicanism. The socialist-republican cause is both the cause of labour and the cause of country. The liberation of the working people of this Island can only be achieved through anti-imperialism and active class struggle. But first we must analyse what is to be done, understand the flaws in non-republican socialism and pseudo-republicanism.”

Seán Mac Stíofáin: An Unyielding Revolutionary

The far-right has taken the initiative in trying to claim our republican history for their own, but the history couldn’t be further from the truth. To look at the reality, there is no better example than to look at Seán Mac Stíofáin, the English-born Irishman who fought not only for the liberation of Ireland, but of all peoples.

A Chapter of Horrors: The Great Hunger in Irish History

This article is part 2 in the first CYM Education Series: “Lessons of History”. Its origins are in a reading group for Connolly’s 1910 pamphlet “Labour in Irish History” based around a reading group for the Belfast branch of the CYM. Different members did reports on different chapters and given the consistent quality and relevance … Read moreA Chapter of Horrors: The Great Hunger in Irish History

Peader O’Donnell and the Monaghan Soviet

Across Europe the fires of revolution burned bright. From the battlefields of the Russian Civil War to the streets of Berlin, from Italian factories to the Irish countryside, civil disorder and outright rebellion were the order of the day. The Monaghan Soviet was one of the major acts of resistance in Ireland that would set the tone of aspiration and solidarity for the Irish left into the future.