14 Reasons Why You Should Join the CYM

This article was compiled based on the submissions of multiple members.

  1. It makes you realise that there are other young people across Ireland that care just as much as you do about the struggle for socialism.
  2. Camaraderie – in the CYM you develop a bond with members you never thought possible, from all backgrounds. You learn about other people’s lives and support each other.
  3. The CYM is the perfect environment to nurture your activism and theory. Everyone is learning and acting together. The CYM unites activism and theory, and that can challenge your assumptions about what works and what doesn’t.
  4. The CYM provides a different ethos and style of activism to the electoral circuit. Our goal isn’t to burn people out to build up a coterie of hand-picked elected representatives. It’s to ensure that everyone involved has the encouragement to make an impact in their own unique way.
  5. Understanding rather than lecturing. We are all advancing together and at different paces, and we’re interested in the perspectives people bring.
  6. The CYM is a place where you can have the craic while fighting back. It’s not all deadpan and dry, and memes and humour make working together enjoyable.
  7. We have one another’s backs, through the tough times and the good times.
  8. We don’t sell newspapers – Forward is available free of charge, and is a collective project that all members, new and old, write and learn through.
  9. There can be no working-class liberation without LGBTQ+ liberation and the CYM is fully committed to achieving the emancipation of the LGBTQ+ community. We update our views and structures constantly to continue to be inclusive.
  10. There can be no working-class liberation without women’s liberation. The CYM is fully committed to the emancipation of women and the provision of an inclusive, empowered space.
  11. The CYM has a presence in every urban centre in Ireland, from Belfast to Cork. Even if you’re worried that you live too far from an urban centre, we will support you in building up a presence in your area with real, tangible assistance.
  12. Every effort counts and the CYM strives to be at the heart of the community, whether you are active in your local community centre, helping with food drives or designing projects. We welcome and encourage our members to establish themselves as activists through contributing to our class and building solidarity.
  13. You will grow and develop your skills. Whether you’re interested in graphic design, writing and editing, academic topics, crafts, music, languages, or coding, you’ll find opportunities to learn and meet people who share your interests in the CYM.
  14. We are committed Republicans. We do not support any British administration in Ireland and never will. We are dedicated to tearing down the structures that divide our island.
CYM members at the 2020 Congress/Ard Fheis in Belfast.

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