Statement from the Palestinian Communist Party on the ongoing genocide in Gaza

This statement was originally released by the Central Committee of the Palestinian Communist Party on 03/04/2024, and is republished here with their permission.

The escalation of the occupier’s massacres against our people in the Gaza Strip, along with their policy of starvation and siege, continues unabated.

The most recent atrocity, the Wheat Massacre in northern Gaza, resulted in the tragic loss of over 120 Palestinian lives and left hundreds injured.

In the days following this massacre, the fascist occupier committed yet another heinous act, using the same brutal tactics. They waited for crowds of hungry people to gather around buses, then callously opened fire on defenceless civilians.

All of this unfolds before the eyes of the entire world, in front of Arab nations, some of which maintain relations with the occupying state.

The ongoing atrocities in Gaza, marked by massacres, killings, and the targeting of our people, serve one clear purpose: to oppress and humiliate our people, forcing us into displacement.

Despite international and Arab condemnation of the occupier’s monstrous massacres, it falls short of the necessary response.

Some Arab nations play the role of conspirators and partners in the aggression against our people, as seen in the regimes of Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates.

Even neighbouring countries like Jordan and Egypt, despite peace agreements with the occupier, have failed to deliver humanitarian aid to our people in Gaza. Aerial shows of solidarity do not alleviate hunger, and what is required from Arab nations, at the very least, is to sever ties and cancel agreements with the occupying state.

However, what we observe is quite the opposite, with some nations exporting vegetables and food products to the racist occupier without hesitation, justifying it with agreements with the enemy.

Amidst this brutal war on our people, Russia called a meeting in Moscow of Palestinian factions to end the Palestinian division. Although the meeting concluded with a modest statement signed by all participating factions, it had its weaknesses.

Firstly, it did not include all factions in the Palestinian arena, excluding several, such as the Palestinian Communist Party, without providing reasons.

Secondly, the statement from the Moscow meeting needs substantial work, real effort, and political will to genuinely end the Palestinian division. Therefore, our party expects that everything that happened in Moscow will remain ink on paper, and all the sacrifices made and those continuing in the West Bank and Gaza are not sufficient to end the Palestinian division.

This encouraged and continues to encourage the fascist occupier and its imperialist backers to persist in their extermination war, as they perceive a Palestinian faction that has not learned from history, and is still banking on illusions of a settlement.

Thirdly, what the fascist enemy failed to achieve through war should not be granted through negotiations. The immense sacrifices and the massive destruction suffered by Gaza must be compensated with the liberation of all prisoners without exception, the withdrawal of occupation forces from Gaza, the agreement on reconstruction, the lifting of the blockade, and the continuous flow of aid without conditions.

In the face of these challenges threatening our people and the danger to our national cause, the Palestinian Communist Party renews its call for the formation of a broad national front that includes all Palestinian forces and various popular movements without exception.

This should be based on a specific political program to lead our people out of the Palestinian impasse reached in Oslo which has continued until now. Agreement on the mechanisms of struggle and resistance should not be determined by any party based on its personal and factional interests. The choice of the path in the struggle suitable for our people should be left up to them without dictation.

Following this, the restructuring of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) requires revolutionary national foundations capable of changing the defeated reality and leading a revolution against it. It must be the legitimate and sole representative of the Palestinian Arab people.

The Palestinian Communist Party

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