Statement of the Connolly Youth Movement on the disruption of Bertie Ahern’s doctorate conferral at Dublin City University

“On behalf of the youth of Ireland, our friends and our families, we as students and as members of the Connolly Youth Movement cannot be idle and let an event like this go ahead unchallenged.

We are opposed to the celebration of a corrupt politician who ruined the lives of so many young people, an architect of the financial crisis which lost so many young people as a result of suicide and emigration.

While we are gathered here for a celebration of this individual, entire communities are torn apart as a consequence of his criminal activity directed at the people of Ireland. If we could deliver one message to Bertie, it would be that your political rehabilitation will not go unopposed. We will be present at all stops. We will be out in our communities rallying against the pocket-lining and corruption that all government parties commit on behalf of the capitalist class.

The young people, even from an early age, will not forget your negligence and dishonesty, and we will make sure of that at every chance we get.

On the one hand, DCU honours this man for his supposed role in the peace process, on the other hand, his real so-called “contributions” to Ireland are glossed over.

“Who is Bertie?” He’s a politician with no bank account. He’s the man of the hour for the Celtic tiger, but nowhere to be seen since. He’s the man who doesn’t answer questions about his finances. He’s the man who has done well, while the country has done poorly.

He’s the man who thinks he can waltz back up onto Irish public life without being challenged. How dare he and how dare he be invited? Do you know the damage that he and his party have done? The lives they have cost? The families they have destroyed?

Bertie Ahern is the most successful student of the biggest crooks in Irish political life AND HE IS NOT WELCOME!

Bertie Ahern does not deserve to be allowed to crawl back into public life. Bertie Ahern does not deserve a chance to rehabilitate his image. Bertie Ahern does not deserve to hold any public office again.

Bertie Ahern certainly does not deserve to be given any awards and commendations.

The only thing Bertie Ahern deserves is to stand trial before the people of Ireland and face justice.

It comes as no surprise to us as young people that the decrepit landlord lapdogs of the Fianna Fáil party would try and rehabilitate him.

Fianna Fáil and their capitalist partners in government are as much responsible for the conditions our country finds itself in as Ahern is himself.

What exactly is Ahern’s legacy? Well, take a look around. The state we find ourselves in. A skyrocketing cost of living. Unaffordable rents. The continuous trend of emigration.

All this has been a feature of our successive Blueshirt and Fianna Fáil governments since so called independence. Nowhere was the height of our troubles seen more than during the crash of the Celtic Tiger guided by Mr Ahern and his party.

That is our message on behalf of the Connolly Youth Movement and on behalf of the people of Ireland who’ve suffered enough.”

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