Caracas Declaration

We, men and women, citizens from different countries, social movements and organizations, political parties, women, youth, workers, creators and intellectuals, peasants and religious people, gathered in the city of Caracas on March 5, 6 and 7, 2018, reaffirm our solidarity and activist support to the Venezuelan people, to the Bolivarian Revolution and its people’s government, led by comrade Nicolas Maduro Moros.

We strongly reject the very serious escalation of aggressions against the democracy and sovereignty of Venezuela by the warmongering government of Donald Trump, the global corporate powers and the military industrial apparatus of the U.S imperialism, which intend to overthrow the legitimate Government of Venezuela, destroy the project of Bolivarian democracy and seize the resources of the Venezuelan homeland.

We denounce that this operation against Venezuela is part of a global neo-colonization strategy of Latin America and the Caribbean, which aims at imposing to our peoples a new vassalage and looting era, through reinstating the shameful Monroe Doctrine, a plan already under execution in several countries of the continent.

We reject the threat to perform an eventual military intervention in Venezuela by Donald Trump and warn that such statements are not mere charlatanism. The military option against the Bolivarian Revolution is part of the U.S. geopolitical strategy and doctrine for the 21st century. The world must be aware of the fact that a military aggression against Venezuela might cause a crisis of historical dimensions and of uncountable and unpredictable human, economic and ecological effects in the region.

We warn the imperialism and the lackey elites who follow its lead: The peoples of Latin America, the Caribbean and the world are never going to allow that Venezuela will be touched by the ambition of the U.S. military boot! If based on their insane obsession, the Washington’s hawks dare to attack the Simon Bolivar’s Homeland, it will be, once more as it was 200 years ago, the grave of an empire.

We denounce the blatant pressure on governments of the region by the U.S, empire in order to involve them in political, diplomatic, and even military operations against the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela. Such action intends to destroy the regional integration and implicitly abolish the principle established in the foundational charter of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States that declares the region as a zone of peace.

We reject the shameful and anti-historical behaviour of governments from the region that have kneeled themselves down to Washington’s policies, through the creation of illegal and spurious instances such as the so-called Lima Group. The pitiful regional elites, which lead today the looting of their peoples, withdraw their sovereignty in favour of transnational interests, increase the poverty levels and inequality, and violate human rights, lack of any kind moral and political authority to challenge Venezuelan democracy.

We reject the unilateral and illegal sanctions against the Venezuelan people by the United States and the European Union, which intend to destroy Venezuela’s economy and subdue its democratic will. Blockades and sanctions are crimes against humanity committed by the international capitalist system and are seriously impacting on the Venezuelan people because by means of sabotaging the promotive, financial and commercial processes preventing the access to food, medicines and staple goods.

We reject the mean U.S. sabotage to the dialogue process held in the Dominican Republic and reiterate that the only way to determine the path to recover the political coexistence between Venezuelans is the full respect for the sovereignty of Venezuela, non-interference in its internal affairs, sincere dialogue and electoral processes based on Venezuelan legislation.

In this regard, we welcome the call for presidential, state lawmakers and councilmen elections on next May 20th, which is the result of a political agreement with a sector of the Venezuelan opposition. The Venezuelan people will transparently and sovereignly decide the course of the Venezuelan Homeland by these absolutely legitimate and constitutional elections.

We alert the peoples of the world about the malicious intention of not recognizing the results of the elections to be held on May 20th by governments and international instances directly involved in the warfare against Venezuela, as well as of increasing the attacks against what will undoubtedly be an authentic democratic expression of the Venezuelan people.

We welcome and endorse the Declaration of the Presidential Summit of the Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our America ALBA-TCP that categorically rejects the exclusion of Venezuela from the next Summit of the Americas, to be held in Lima, Peru. Likewise, we support all the diplomatic and political actions undertaken by governments, countries and peoples to defend the political plurality and diversity in the continent, and safeguard the sovereignty and self-determination of peoples.

We recognize the heroic resistance of the Venezuelan people against the onslaught of the economic aggression, the financial blockade and all forms of sabotage endured by Venezuela, and we support the economic, financial, political and diplomatic strategy implemented by the Bolivarian Government and President Nicolas Maduro, to overcome the problems and build the humanist model of the Bolivarian socialism.

We commit ourselves to continue fighting for the truth, peace and sovereignty of Venezuela expanding the bonds of friendship, solidarity and revolutionary commitment with the Venezuelan people. The peoples of the world, the awareness of all those who fight for the just causes of humanity currently accompany the Bolivarian Revolution, its leadership and its people, and will always do so

We are convinced that Venezuela will manage to overcome the problems that are enduring by means of dialogue, respect for the Constitution, and the unwavering democratic will of its people. We are also convinced that the Bolivarian Revolution will continue to be a beacon of hope for the peoples of the world in the search for a worthy and just destiny for humanity.

By commemorating five years of the bid farewell to Commander Hugo Chavez, historical leader of the Venezuelan people, from Caracas we say to the world: Venezuela is not alone, we all stand by it!

We are all Venezuela!
We shall prevail!

Caracas, March 7th, 2018

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