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Governments in capitalist society are but committees of the rich to manage the affairs of the capitalist class.

James Connolly

The #UnseatTheTwo Campaign

Homelessness like this country has never seen before, rising rents, brutal crime with no tangible solution, a suicide and drug abuse epidemic, precarious work, emigration and schemes to hide unemployed levels, a health crisis, crippling banking debt, farmers struggling to get by, cuts in pensions, increasing greenhouse gasses, schools at overcapacity, increasing costs in universities – this is Leo Varadkar’s and Micheál Martin’s legacy. 

Both the leaders of Fine Gael and Fianna Fáil run this nation on little more than 2,000 votes each, from Dublin West and Cork South-Central constituencies, respectively. 

We can’t change parliamentary politics overnight, but we can send a loud and clear message to every overpaid and absent landlord politician that we won’t sit back and let it go on in our name. 

Vote them out on Feb 8th. 

Apply pressure to the working peoples of Dublin and Cork and help unseat the leaders of the two parties who do not work in our interests.

Call your family and friends, make it your goal to #UnseatTheTwo. 

Join the mailing list, share our graphics, print and place a poster in your window. 

Boycott the RTÉ debates.

Call out their lies. 


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This is a grassroots campaign working with political groups, activists and businesses in both constituencies to make a statement this #GE2020.



  1. Remove Leo Varadkar (FG) and Micheál Martin (FF) from their seats in Dáil Éireann. Dublin West & Cork South Central constituencies, respectively.
  2. Place a spotlight on the crimes these two parties inflict on the Irish proletariat.
  3. Get young people more involved in politics.
  4. Empowerment of those who have lost hope.
  5. Exposing neo-liberal politicians, capitalist power structures & goading a reaction.
  6. Demonstrating unorthodox ways of engaging with elections and examples of Direct Action.
  7. Bringing a class analysis to austerity and parliamentary politics.


We will conduct a four week non-violent campaign against Martin & Varadkar, primarily in their constituencies, but these tactics should be used against FF & FG across the island.

  • Initiate meetings with interested groups and individuals.
  • Begin disrupting FG/FF public meetings, canvassing and gatherings at any opportunity. Make noise, read out their list of crimes, tell people why they shouldn’t vote for them.
  • Remind the public of the date, Feb 8th. Get as many registered to vote as possible. Tell young people to call their parents and grandparents, remind them why FF & FG have to go!
  • Make sure that you’re registered to vote
  • Guerilla chalk/poster/banner campaigns outside schools, universities, shopping centers, bus stops, polling stations, hospitals etc. Highlight their crimes.
  • Public events, press releases and stalls in busy areas.
  • Follow, share, support and help manage social media campaigns: