For a Socialist Welsh Republic: A Conversation with the Welsh Underground Network

  Could you give a brief history of communism in Wales? The timeline of socialism and the working class in Wales makes for a rich reading, one that is often hard to condense into a short paragraph. In 1907, Keir Hardie, a Member of Parliament for Methyr, spoke openly on the natural-born connection between Wales and socialism. … Read more

A Protracted Struggle for Minoritised Languages

OAP, Béal Feirste A language revival has a lot of similarities with a revolutionary movement. Just as a revolutionary movement must have its beginnings in particular communities and be built outwards, minoritised languages need to take root in particular communities first and then expand. Why is this? A language that has no community usage is an … Read more

Welcome to Dublin

SÓP, BÁC I overhear a woman on the DART –I swear this train gets later every day.She goes on to tell the man across from herShe’s on a part-time flexible contract,But they’re so short staffed she’s working 6 day weeks. I lose count of how many doorways I passSemi-sheltering shivering bodies in blue sleeping bags.The … Read more

Imperial Morality in Turmoil

AH, BAC The humanitarian response towards Ukraine and its people from Ireland has been unprecedented. This country is known for its staunch and proud defence of Palestine, and has outdone itself in its support for Ukraine.  Something about this war has invoked a deep sense of humanitarianism and empathy, that no other event has, or … Read more

MPs given 24 hours notice before P&O sackings, did nothing to prevent them

UK cabinet ministers were made aware of imminent sackings on the part of P&O Ferries, which resulted in the loss of over 800 jobs between Britain and Ireland, and did nothing to prevent them, a leaked Ministry for Transport memo has revealed. On 17 March, P&O officials, using pre-recorded videos, announced the sacking (on the … Read more

Ireland’s neutrality must be respected and upheld at all costs

Since the state’s formation, neutrality in international affairs has been a key tenet of foreign policy considerations in the 26 counties. However, it is a tenet that has seen continuous challenges from successive governments, and has been eroded by measures such as the south’s participation in EU Battlegroups, and by its co-operation with the EU’s … Read more

Fuel prices soar, as many unable to heat homes or fill vehicles

With the recent EU decision to halt energy imports from Russia as a result of the latter’s invasion of Ukraine, energy prices across the bloc have soared. Many industries across Europe, such as steel, fertiliser, and paper, unable to meet energy demands, are seriously scaling back or halting production altogether. In Ireland, the most visible … Read more

WOONOPSTAND: A Firsthand Account of Police Violence

he Connolly Youth Movement was represented on October 17th 2021 at the WOONOPSTAND (Housing Uprising) in Rotterdam, in arms with the Communist Youth Movement of the Netherlands (CJB). Over 8,000 people were present in a peaceful protest and march through Rotterdam, to highlight and challenge the crisis which has left hundreds of students in Dutch cities living in large emergency tents.

From Bread Riots to #Girlbosses: The Liberal Bastardisation of International Working Women’s Day

The socialist roots of International Working Women’s Day have been consigned to the history books, supplanted by a liberal feminist celebration devoid of a class character. Gone are the days of mobilisation for women’s liberation; in their place are shallow displays of white feminism – the alienation of exploited, marginalised women and the upholding of the patriarchal capitalist system. This is a call to reclaim the origins of a celebration, a day recognising the power of working women from all backgrounds to change the world as they have done in the past and will do again.