Supermac’s – The Myth of Capitalist Innovation

Part of their strategy is to donate some of their super profits to charity or to sporting organisations such as the GAA. They do this for local and political clout, to be seen as ‘benevolent capitalists’ and obscure the fundamental social relation of production: workers create all of the wealth and have to sell their labour power (time) to employers to get by, while Pat McDonagh lives opulently, holidays and expands his capital in every direction using the wealth he has stolen from his workers.

Veganism Will Not End The Climate Crisis – What’s Happening to Brazil is What’s Happening to Ireland

We can reduce our intake of meat, use energy saving lightbulbs, turn off the tap when brushing our teeth or re-use plastic bags, but unless the economic system changes it will all be in vein. Under a system that prides itself on the free-reign of corporations, the exploitation of the southern hemisphere, the growth of unregulated profiteering and wealth inequality, there will never be enough individual change to prevent the destruction of the planet. Collective action is our only option.

The Student Strike That Changed British Education Forever

On the first of April, 66 of the 72 attending students they began what would be the longest strike ever for the reinstatement of their teachers. The school carried on for the striking children, for a ‘strike school’ was set up by Kitty in front of the school and teaching carried on as usual, with the National Union of Teachers funding her. The ruling-class and the church reacted quickly, fining those parents who didn’t send their children to the official school, and evicting people that helped the striking families out of their houses and off of their glebe land.

Why the ‘Left’ Missed the Mark in the 2019 Elections

Left wing parties have essentially fallen down the trap of trying to compete in a field that is orientated around ensuring the hegemony of the large traditional parties. To compete against Fianna Fail, Fine Gael and the Labour Party at a game that they have excelled at for almost a century is a waste of time but also serves to undermine ones own political organisation and struggle for socialism.

Why Teenagers Died Fighting Fascism in Spain

During the Spanish civil war (1936-1939), nearly 60,000 men and women of 53 different countries, grouped in the International Brigades, came to Spain in order to help the republican government. Never before in history had such an extraordinary, internationalist and solidarity cause existed. Young people traveled abroad, willing to give their lives to the Spanish … Read moreWhy Teenagers Died Fighting Fascism in Spain

Are All Marxist Feminists TERFs?

The misconception is that Marxist Feminists see Gender as a very narrow, binary concept, that doesn’t take into account any deviation from the old dichotomy of male and female. Marxist Feminists can accept that trans people exist and ought to be supported, just in the same way that Liberal Feminists can. It is true that … Read moreAre All Marxist Feminists TERFs?

A Response to the Miseducated Irish Alt-Right

Foreigners, migrants and asylum seekers are not those who sit in cabinet ruining Ireland. Blueshirts backed by Fianna Fail and the Labour Party are!   The Connolly Youth Movement rejects the idea that the solution to countering right wing arguments on migration, borders and the deprivation of communities is by shouting racist, fascist etc. We … Read moreA Response to the Miseducated Irish Alt-Right

Summer School 2018

The first lecture was about LGBT activism given by Adam Murray, a Community Development Officer for Cara-Friend, an LGBT charity in Northern Ireland, and is Secretary for ICTU LGBT and a member of NIPSA LGBT. Adam talked about working class solidarity with LGBT issues in the past, and a history of discrimination of LGBT in … Read moreSummer School 2018