“There can be no perfect Europe in which Ireland is denied even the least of its national rights.”—James Connolly  “The cause of labour is the cause of Ireland, the cause of Ireland is the cause of labour.”—James Connolly  “We still believe that the struggle of Ireland for freedom is a part of the worldwide upward movement of the toilers of the earth.”—James Connolly  “I must say the tasks confronting the youth . . . might be summed up in a single word: learn.”—V. I. Lenin  “Present unfortunate state is entirely owing to treachery, the rich always betray the poor.”—Jemmy Hope  “Our independence must be had at all hazards. If the men of property will not support us, they must fall.”—Theobald Wolfe Tone  “Let the ruling classes tremble at a communist revolution.”  —Marx and Engels 

CYM Archive

This archive page contains speeches, press releases and reports since the CYM was re-founded in 2002

This serves to give the reader an understanding of the development and growth of the Connolly Youth Movement since then. The set of texts also provides direction for CYM members.

Statement of CYM on the defacing

of Vol. Peter Daly’s monument

The Connolly Youth Movement strongly condemns the vile and destructive acts, by racist thugs, on a memorial to one of this nation’s great socialist heroes.
Full statement

Statement on the awarding of the

Nobel Prize for Peace to the EU

The comments by the chairperson of the Nobel Prize Committee regarding the EU’s commitment to peace and democracy are a revolting affront to all victims of EU policy, whether military or economic. Full statement

CYM condemns Israeli assault on Gaza

Statement on the Israeli assault on Gaza

Madge Davison—Revolutionary Firebrand

A new book about the late Madge Davison, former general secretary of the CYM. £6 (including postage) from Unity Press, PO Box 85, Belfast BT1 1SR. (Cheques payable to Northern Area Trading.)

Statement by CYM on Syria

The Connolly Youth Movement calls for a peaceful conclusion of hostilities as a result of the peace agreement negotiated by the Syrian people themselves. Full statement

Provocations against the youth of Greece

Statement by the Communist Youth of Greece (8 December 2008)

Letter from the CYM to the Ambassador of Greece in Ireland (10 December 2008)

Analysis of the financial crisis

Analysis of the financial crisis

Statement by the Portuguese Communist Party (1 October 2008)

Statement by the World Federation of Democratic Youth (1 October 2008)

Statement by the Communist Party of Greece (2 October 2008)

Statement by the Connolly Youth Movement (13 October 2008)

Connolly Sunday speech, May 2008

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90 years on and we are still fighting!

Today, the fifth of September 2006 . . .

Ninety years after the 1916 Rising the Irish Independent, staying true to its colours, featured an article by Kevin Myers on John Redmond. The article was entitled “A tribute to a forgotten hero!”
    This article was written on the request by Éirígí as the CYM’s contribution to their “Reclaim the Proclamation” campaign.

(See more)

Rising Youth

Ireland has unfinished business!

We as young people need to understand the true nature and historical context of 1916 if Ireland is to continue its long struggle to freedom. We need to understand that the rising was not an isolated event, or a blood sacrifice . . . (See more)

1916—A real history

The 1916 Easter Rising is a very important part of Irish history. It marks the beginning of a truly popular campaign for an Ireland free from foreign rule and for an Ireland of and by the Irish people . . . (see more)


Cuid lárnach de stair na hÉireann is ea Éirí Amach na Cásca. Chuir sé tús le feachtas a raibh go leor tacaíocht aige ar son Éirinn saor ó riail ghallda agus Éirinn ar le muintir na hÉireann í . . . (See more)

1916 Proclamation

Irishmen and Irishwomen: In the name of God and of the dead generations from which she receives her old tradition of nationhood, Ireland, through us, summons her children to her flag and strikes for her freedom . . . (See more)

Connolly Sunday speech, May 2006

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Past Campaigns

Repudiate the Debt—For a better future

The Connolly Youth Movement supports and is active in the Repudiate the Debt Campaign. The illegitimate debt that has bankrupted this country was the private debt of bankers and developers, socialised by a rotten and corrupt Government with no popular mandate. The CYM has been active in setting up this campaign and supports the demand for a referendum now. Visit www.nodebt.ie, and sign the petition demanding a referendum.

Repudiate the debt!

Demand a Referendum! Sign the petition.

Free the five Cuban patriots!

Watch this great video about the Cuban patriots.
For more information: www.thecuban5.org.

Sack the Government

The Connolly Youth Movement and Labour Youth are calling for political accountability and for the sacking of this failed Government. Click here for a copy of the e-mail message sent by the Connolly Youth and Labour Youth to Green Party TDs, senators, MLAs, MEPs and councillors before the party’s annual conference, which took place on 7 March 2009.

Download the CYM’s leaflet on the demand for a democratic economy.

Sign the petition demanding a general election: www.PetitionOnline.com/genelect/petition.html

Connolly Youth demand a Democratic Programme for Today

The Connolly Youth Movement held a public event to mark the ninetieth anniversary of the first Dáil Éireann and the Democratic Programme on Saturday 31 January in the New Theatre, East Essex Street. This event included speeches from the Cuban Ambassador, Noel Carrillo, the general secretary of the Communist Party of Ireland, Eugene McCartan, and the secretary of the People’s Movement, Frank Keoghan. The event also included a debate between representatives of the Connolly Youth Movement, Ógra Shinn Féin, and Labour Youth, which rounded off a successful and inspirational conference.

Speeches and materials

• CYM’s Democratic Programme for Today
• Presentation by Frank Keoghan, secretary of the People’s Movement.
• Opening remarks by Peadar de Blúit, Ógra Shinn Féin.
• Opening remarks by Gareth Murphy, general secretary, CYM.

Subway: Campaign to reinstate Natalia

The CYM fully supports and is involved in the Belfast Trades Council’s campaign of support for nineteen-year-old Natalia Szymanska, a Polish worker sacked by her boss in Subway on dubious charges shortly after he found out that she was pregnant. 

The campaign is seeking:

• the immediate reinstatement of Natalia,
• reimbursement for loss of earnings,
• compensation for injury to feelings,
• a commitment from Subway to treat all workers fairly. 

An on-line petition has been organised by the trades council and can be signed at www.petitiononline.com. If you have not done so yet, please do, and circulate to all contacts.

Victory for opponents of the Treaty of Lisbon

Front page of the Greek daily newspaper Tó Víma, showing a CYM anti-Lisbon sticker

CYM organise “Youth Against Treaty” demo,

Saturday 7 June

 Speech by CYM member John Humphreys

Speech by CYM general secretary in Athens

The general secretary of the Connolly Youth Movement, Gareth Murphy, was a guest speaker at a conference on the Lisbon Treaty in Athens on 7 April 2008. (Click here for text)

CYM leaflet on the LisbonTreaty

This year the Irish people will have the chance to vote on the Treaty of Lisbon to form a Constitution of Europe. The eyes of Europe will be on Ireland, as only we have the opportunity to express our democratic voice at this critical moment in history. The Dutch and French people have previously rejected this treaty, but now it is being forced upon us again under a different name. (Click here for CYM on the Treaty.)

WFDY solidarity with anti-Lisbon campaign

The World Federation of Democratic Youth has issued a statement expressing solidarity with the campaign against the Lisbon Treaty.

EU disrespects Ireland!

A motion was put forward in the European Parliament on 20 February 2008 stating that “the European Parliament undertakes to respect the outcome of the referendum in Ireland.” This motion was overwhelmingly rejected, by 499 votes to 129, with the Irish Labour Party MEP Proinsias de Rossa—elected by the Irish people to democratically serve the Irish people, or so we thought—voting against it. De Rossa voted for the European Parliament to disrespect Irish democracy, Irish sovereignty, and the vote of the Irish people. De Rossa and the Labour Party are campaigning for a Yes vote, on the grounds that it will “strengthen European democracy.” If this were not so serious it would be laughable. (For more detail click here for the People’s Movement press release.)

For more information on the Treaty click here for the People’s Movement’s Guide to the Treaty

Support the campaign by distributing materials and raising awareness of the real issues!

Shell to sea!

The CYM welcomes the departure of the Solitaire from Irish waters and in a statement salutes and congratulates Maura Harrington, who has ended her hunger strike, for her courage and determination.

Hunger Strike and Arrests in Erris as Solitaire arrives
Read more.

“Shell to Sea” press statement, 17 April 2008

Pipeline route

The announcement today of a pipeline route by Shell and Statoil signals further failure by the Corrib developers. The reality is that there is no consent for an inland refinery or any production pipeline in our community.
     This proposed route announced today literally cuts through the heart of our community. It exposes not just the people of Rossport but the people of the entire parish of Kilcommon to unprecedented and unacceptable risk. We do not give our consent to this and will resist it through every legal, political and campaigning means open to us, even though this could lead to more years of unnecessary conflict.
     This entire project has been the cause of untold misery, strife and unhappiness for our families and community. Our duty is to protect and defend the integrity and safety of our place and people.
     This conflict can be resolved if there is a genuine willingness on the part of Shell and Statoil to reach agreement and secure real consent. The tragedy is that there has always been a better way. What we need is resolution and agreement, not the forced imposition on an unwilling community of an unwanted and unsafe project.

Centre for Public Inquiry Report (click here for report)

Independent Analysis of Corrib Onshore System (click here for report)

Report of “Shell to Sea” public meeting, 13 March 2008 (click here)

Since early 2006 the CYM has been involved in the Shell to Sea efforts and in campaigning for the nationalisation of Ireland’s resources. As part of the Shell to Sea campaign, and as an organisation ourselves, we oppose the actions of the Government and the consortium involved . . . (See more)

CYM report on Shell picket (click here)

Message of solidarity from Communist Youth of Greece

Great Youtube vid: Talkin’ to the Branch man about natural gas

The CYM has issued a press statement concerning the intimidation of members by the Garda Síochána on 1 December 2007.

Know your rights

In today’s world, young people’s rights are not a priority and come well down the list. We are used as cheap and disposable labour, where profits can be easily amassed . . . (See more)

What have the unions ever done for us?”—a hilarious Youtube video!

KSM solidarity

International petition in support of KSM

(Click here to download)

Complete with signatures of friends, family, classmates, colleagues and supporters and return to CYM, Connolly House, 43 East Essex Street, Dublin 2.

Latest info from KSM (16 May 2008)

For the latest news on the banning of the Czech Communist Youth, click here

See also the earlier bulletin: click here

WFDY leaflet and poster on banning of KSM, April 2008 (click here)

CYM support KSM on day of trial, 19 March 2008 (CYM leaflet: click here)

Letter of protest to Czech embassy

Letter of protest to Department of Foreign Affairs

Message of solidarity to KSM

Anti-war Ireland

Attack on Gaza

The CYM has issued statement strongly condemning the murderous bombardment of Gaza by Israeli forces.

Leaflet used by Belfast CYM at anti-war demonstration (Click here for leaflet)

Stop Israeli aggression

(See more)

Letter to Israeli Embassy

(See more)

The truth behind the lies about South Ossetia

Statement by the Cuban government, 10 August 2008; article by Andrew Murray, Stop the War Coalition (Britain), 12 August 2008; article by a member of the Communist Party of Ireland, 15 August 2008; statement by the World Federation of Democratic Youth, 20 August 2008; statement by the Communist Party of Greece, 25 August 2008.

Statement by the World Federation of Democratic Youth on the fifth anniversary of the invasion of Iraq

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Free the Miami 5!

The 5 are political prisoners held in US jails in violation of US law, international law, and basic human rights.

(See more)

World Federation of Democratic Youth

World Youth

WFDY magazine World Youth, no. 1, May 2009 (Click here)

Ninth anniversary of the bombing of Yugoslavia

WFDY statement on the ninth anniversary of the bombing of Yugoslavia, March 2008 (Click here)

WFDY Statement, 20 May 2007

Many of the ex-socialist countries in Europe have lost their political, economic, military and social sovereignty, enslaving these countries and obstructing people and especially the young generation in determining their future . . . (See more)

17th Assembly WFDY, Vietnam, March 2007

The World Federation of Democratic Youth (WFDY), an anti-imperialist, progressive, democratic and massive international non-governmental youth organisation, promotes the unity, cooperation, organised action, solidarity and exchange of information and experiences of work and struggle among the progressive youth forces, playing an indispensable role in the struggle against imperialism, fascism, colonialism, exploitation and war, for peace, internationalist solidarity, social progress and youth rights . . . (See more)

Support Irish Ferries workers: press release, 2005

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